Observation Deck

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Observation Deck

These are views from various exterior viewing portals on the Obsersvation Deck. There are also select images from the experimental "black ops" Integrated Onboard Variable Range Scanners commonly refered to as INOVAR Scans. INOVARS was developed from liberated Cardassian technology and extensively tested in the more hostile enviroments of The Badlands at LP Defender.

Astroid field as seen from the Observation Deck
Image Credit: Desktop Starships ( Dave King)

MFS Hammer negotiates astroid debris field on approach to LP Defender docking bay
Image Credit: Desktop Starhips (EJH)

LP Defender INOVARS tracks Maquis Raiders on patrol off The Badlands
Image Credit: Desktop Starships (Unkn)

LP Defender INOVARS assist MFS Carolina to lose persuing Federation Starship in the astroid field
Image Credit: Desktop Starships (Unkn)

INOVARS detected USS Venturer cautiously venturing into The Badlands
Image Credit: Starship Desktops (Brent Fox)
The Fox Den - bfox.home.att.net

INOVARS tracked the transit of USS Ronin through
The Badlands
Image Credit: Desktop Starships (Rick "Hobbes” Snider/Marck Butcher) http://www.butcher92.freeserve.co.uk